Is power supply part of my problem?

I clearly have a problem. Whether or not my power supply is involved, I'm unsure.

I have a brand new AMD athlon 1.2ghz processor and abit kt7a mobo.

With the exception of power supply, everything else works fine in other systems.

No here's what bothers me. I have a 2 new power supplies. A 300w atx made by axiontech and a 250w atx made by aopen.

The processor recommend the 300, but says 250 is acceptable.

With the 250w power supply, i get a continous beep and then power shutsdown. - no display. According to the abit faq for my motherboard, this means improperly installed/faulty processor.

with the 300w power supply, instead of a beep code, the system speaker makes a clicking sound. still no display, and i have to cut power on the back, becuase the power button on the front won't turn the machine off.

Obviously something is wrong. The processor is installed on the board correctly, so I have a feeling the processor could be bad. Its the different problems with different power supplies that confuse me.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions?
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  1. Sounds like you should check the voltage setting on your power supplies. If you're in the US, the switch should be set to ~120V, in Europe, Asia, etc they use ~240V electricity. I had a power supply shipped to me with the wrong setting and didn't notice it right away. My motherboard also clicked at me constantly with no display.
  2. You sir, are my personal hero.

    The clicking problem is solved.
  3. Glad I could help. I spent three weeks calling tech support and replacing parts before I realized that's what was wrong with my system. A lot of good my degree in computer engineering did me, huh? Sometimes the problem is something so basic you don't even consider it as a possibility.
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