"Application Data" folder not accessible

I bought a new computer so i reinstalled Windows7 on a new HD. I plugged my old HD into my new computer so i can access my files.

Now i am trying to access the old "Application Data" folder on my old HD, because i want to get my torrent files. But i get an error saying i don't have enough rights and that access is denied

how can i fix that ?

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  1. Still get access denied :(
  2. bump
  3. Hi :)

    You need to reset the security settings permissions on that drive so you are the "owner"..and once set it takes a fair time to reset ALL the files on a drive...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. The files are being blocked by NTFS permissions. Reconnect the drive to the original computer and copy your files to an external HDD or USB flash drive.
  5. You can do what Brett928S2 said, but you risk damaging the data on the drive and making some files unreadable. You will get a warning before you reset the security on the drive...
  6. i don't have access to the old PC anymore.

    i tryed to take ownership of the drive and set permissions for everyone but i got an error saying an error has occured while trying to give permissions to the folder "application data"

    then i tryed the same thing on the folder "application data", got an error again but permissions seems to be correct:

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