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Ok I have a Casecom K5-7688 All Black Case, which comes with a 120mm intake fan at the front, I have already installed a 120mm exhaust fan at the rear, and am getting 4 more 120mm fans for the side and top.

My question is what is the best way to arrange them? I know the two that are installed are right, but should I have the side fans as intake, and top as exhaust? top as intake and side as exhaust? or 1 top and 1 side intake, and 1 top and 1 side as exhaust?
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  1. what is lower than your cpu should be intake. what is higher should be exhaust.
  2. well one thing you dont want to do is cause a loop in one area of your case so having an intake and exhaust within inches of each other is bad for airflow unless its the side of your case and you have a really hot GPU but even then i wouldnt. but to expand on what looniam said. heat rises. to put intake on top is just fighting physics. id say intake front and side exhaust back and top
  3. OK thanks, I will have the intake in front and side, and exhaust in top and back.
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