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Alright so I have a XFX 4870 GRAPHICS CARD which allows stuff to transfer over into BLU-RAY/1080P quality, and I have an LED 22' monitor as a TV. If I'm not using a DVI to HDMI DONGLE for my video card to connect to the TV, am I still able to get the full quality of BLURAYS/1080P videos? I'm interested to know before I buy a blu-ray for my PC, and if it is required for me to buy the DONGLE. I WAS TOLD by a friend that I dont need the Dongle and if my TV is being used as monitor, then DVI (on video card) to DVI (on my tv) would still produce 1080p. So any answers to clear this up would be nice and thanks in advance.

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HDMI to DVI Dongle

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    It would work however you wouldn't get audio.
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