GTX 550 ti OC vs Radeon 6770

Well I have been watching prices and asking questions. I even asked on here and it was suggested I get the 6770 but I want to get an opinion based on the 2 cards I have narrowed it down to.

This version of the 6770:

Or this Pre-OC Geforce 550 ti:

They come to the same price after the rebate but now I need more help on the details. And I realize I probally wont notice a lick of difference but all the same I want to get the best for the price.

According to the base average stats:
The radeon has a higher texture fill rate while the geforce has a higher pixel fill rate.
The radeon has a memory bandwidth of 76.8 GB/sec and the geforce is at 98.4 BG/sec.
And the radeon has 40 Texture units vs the geforces 32.
The radeon has HDMI 1.4a the Geforce has 1.3a.

Also as a side note I will not play Dirt 3 so I do not count that as a plus.
Another thing I do not post this to throw out the helpful opinions of anyone.
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    gtx 550ti is powerful then 6770 ...gtx 550ti is 10% less then ati 6790 and both are of same price so a sapphire ati 6790 is perfect choice
  2. Get the 550TI OC, i have the same card, very descent, not a big Radeon fan though... besides with Nvidia you will get better quality over slight performance loss
  3. At that price, get a 6790, it's better than a 550 Ti Also, the HIS Turbo is a effecient super quiet cooling solution that has something like 29 dB maximum noise.
  4. 6790 is the best choice here.
  5. Hey who said GTX 550Ti is faster ??
    Both Radeon HD6770 and Geforce GTX 550Ti performs almost the same, but the Radeon HD 6770 have a small performance advantage in most of the games.

    Try this link:
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  7. Something to think about, even though this is "solved". Cards that SLI must have the same model number, for SLI to work. Cards that crossfire (ATI Cards) can be different models. So, if in the future, you find that the card you have, is not cutting the mustard, you can upgrade to another ATI card, 69xx or 7xxx series, and still do crossfire, getting longer use out of your current card, and boosting the performance of your newer card.

    Just something to think about. Good luck with your system.
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