Is this a PSU or a GPU problem? ( PC shuts down when playing game)

So i was playing ghost recon today and pc shut off while playing with a weird sound coming from speakers. Then pc didnt start , until i gave it 10 mins. After that i tried playing again and the same result after 5-10 minutes.

A similar thing happened 2 weeks ago , while working with unreal engine 3 suddenly i got "windows 7 is shutting down" message and pc shut down , didnt open until i repluged cables ,when it opened it said "Disable the CPU overlock" (Which was a oc i did to 3.2 from 3.1 6 months ago!!!)

So do you guys thing this is definitely a power supply problem? I switched to 16gb ram from 4gb ram recently maybe 600w isnt enough for 16gb ram , i5 2400 , 1gb gtx 560? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I think its a heat problem. Look in your system log for the reason it shutdown or monitor your temps while your gaming and you'll find out quick enough.
  2. +1 Download something like HWmonitor and check your temps and voltages. keep in mind the volts will vary but should stay above 11.5V on your 12 volt rail pretty much all the time.
  3. I think i will have to give one last conclusion about the issue:

    - I have been using this system with no problems for 6 months.

    -Upgraded the pc to 16gb ram from 4gb ram 1 month ago. ( Played Max Payne 3 , no shutdowns)

    -PC had 3 different error at the days when the maid cleaned my room in the last month 1-windows didnt shut down properly ( pc was closed when i left)
    2-blue screen (not sure pc was off when i left home) 3- windows closed itself 1 hour when maid left.

    When asked she said she was lifting the power surge and cleaning under it, i believe those problems were about the cable gettting loose.

    Now for the first time yesterday pc shutdown while playing a game.
  4. just a side thought it could be the signs of a failing motherboard or bios corruption. just thinking out loud...
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