I know this isn't a new question but I am just looking for confirmation...

MoBo: AsRock z68 extreme3 gen3
CPU: I-7 2600
HSF: CoolerMaster Hyper 212 +
GPU: GTX 560 Ti

System idles around 30°C but as soon as I fire up Prime 95 my temps start screaming up to over 80°C and I shut down prime and everything returns to idle.
This is a fresh build components have less then a few hours of run time. No Overclocking and I am using Artic Silver 5. I have tried reseating the heat sink and several past patterns.

Am I missing something or do I need to try a different cooling solution?

My case is a mid tower and I have two case fans 120mm an Exhuast fan at the rear right next to the heat sink and another 120mm at the top of the case, there is also a 120mm at the front blowing across the hard drive bays. I have all the cables tied up as well so I don't think that's a problem.

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  1. According to artic silver, AS5 needs a curing time.
    That could be the problem, but in my experience that is prolly not the case for your high temp.
    Also, when you put the AS5 on, do u put a thin layer on both the cpu and the hsf before your pattern? Is it really nice and clean?
    Also, you didn't mention which way your top fan is blowing, intake or exhaust?
    It should prolly be intake because it would put cold air into the cpu as the exhaust pulls that air out.
  2. Also, too much compound can cause a problem.

    Verify that you are at stock voltage for i7-2600 with no OC. Reset BIOS to defaults. Make sure no 'automatic' overclock is enabled.

    Case fan not an issue, your case won't heat up that fast. Assume HS fan is running hard and that air is flowing through the heat sink ...
  3. what pattern or method you using to apply paste and how much you putting on? tsnor is right to much compound is not good, to much traps heat and will not transfer it. also take your voltage down a step and see if that helps.. i have an amd chip and i decreased the vcore and my temps went down bout 10c..
  4. I tried a few different patterns, one pea-sized in the middle, 3 thin stipes between the pipes, three smaller than pea sized dots and I tried doing a thin coat across the whole thing, non eof these seemed to have any affect.

    I limited the voltage spike from the auto OC and set the core volts to stock manually instead of runnin automatic and that seemed to help som but it still can't handle Prime95 full load.

    Top fan is set as an intake.
  5. I just got a tx3. Reapply your thermal paste in this method.

    First clean everything off. I used gelid extreme but as5 works too.

    Fill in the cracks on the heatsink (between heat pipes and seperators)

    Scrape off the rest using a cc or razor blade, So only the cracks are filled.

    Now apply a mound in the center of the heatsink, or the center of the CPU. You want it to be the size of a BB- maybe a very very tiny bit more, not a pea though that's too much. The i7 is a smallish processor.

    Recheck temps
  6. Also change CPU fan to full on, verify its running at max rpm
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