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AMD Athlon 64x2 4000+
2x1gb DDR2-800
2x2gb DDR2-800
nVidia GeForce 8400 GS
450w PSU
Win XP Pro

I need help!
I've had this rig for a long time and it's in need of an update.
Money is always an option so I was thinking to upgrade small things that I can use in a newer machine some where down the road.
I went ahead and bought 4gb (2x2) of ram only to find out that 32bit OS can only use 3 gigs worth *shrug*.
So now I figured lets take a look at video cards.
It's making my head spin. The main point I have found is that I will need to upgrade my PSU. What PSU should I get? I don't even know what to look at.
There are some pretty good sub $150 cards. I was looking at the Radeon HD6790 or the GeForce 550Ti.
After all this my MotherBoard/CPU is holding me back so I was looking at the ASUS M5A99x EVO with the FX-8120 bulldozer with 8gb DDR#-1866

I haven't even thought about storage at this point or a burner and I will have to buy Windows 7.

Where does it end?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. A big upgrade without spending big money can be the next : do BIOS update and buy this quad core and this 6850 is more performant than 6790.
    And when you have enough money buy a new motherboard and memory ,because with that motherboard you can use the 925 quad core , or if you will have enough budget you can buy another powerfull cpu.
  2. You can upgrade the Motherboard and the Processor first an then upgrade to 7xxx.
  3. Don't bother upgrading it, save for a new one.

    A video card upgrade would likely require a psu upgrade. (you didn't mention what your psu make and model is)

    A video card upgrade won't do you any good because your cpu is too slow.

    A cpu upgrade isn't going to do much without a gpu upgrade.

    A cpu upgrade will require a new motherboard and new ram.
  4. Thanks for the reply's

    I was figuring on having to upgrade the PSU because of its age so that's why I didn't post it.

    I am trying to give myself an upgrade path so that I can use the components in the next machine.

    I figured the newer video card will be far superior to the one I have now with the understanding that it'll be hampered by my cpu. How much better? Beats me. It may not be enough of a boost and so saving for a new machine will be the only option. I hope not though.

    I will be upgrading the motherboard/CPU but not for at least 6 months. I am looking at another ASUS board with a bulldozer CPU. I can throw a few hundred dollars at it every 6 months or so and by Christmas I'll have a newer machine.

    With that being said I would need a PSU that'll fit my current ASUS M2n-SLI and the future motherboard/CPU as well as a new video card.

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    You can find good deals on seasonic 620W, cost you about $70 and even will support up to 7970 even.

    A FX-8120+M599x+DDR31600 motherboard costs about $400, but should go down to at least $350 in my opinion after 6 month.

    Now, The graphic card, probably 7770. Not much price increase than the current 6770, $130

    Total will be $550
  6. So... this is what I'm edging towards as an upgrade:

    Seasonic 620w - $80

    XFX Double D HD 6790 - $120 after rebate

    With the above mentioned M599x/FX-xxxx combo in 6 months or so

  7. OK, good, they will bottleneck too, but if you will upgrade the processor you should be fine.
  8. How much of an improvement do you think I will see with just upgrading the video?
  9. EDIT: (Oh, it's just 6790 :P) You can also buy all of them together so that you really see a performance boost. Because you can also buy 7770/7790 at those times. Anyway it's OK to buy now, with some bottlenecks. But since you're upgrading to a FX-8120, M5A99X and a dual channel DDR3-1866, you should be fine. It's not that much of bottlenecks anyway :). Go ahead have a good day :).
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