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Gigabyte 460 se or HIS HD 6790

guys plz be quick, which one is better and my psu is 485 w. Gigabyte 460 SE or HIS HD 6790 ???
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  1. The GTX 460 SE.
    What's the PSU's brand?
  2. They're about the same.,3107-7.html

    For $10 - $15 more you can get a hd6850 or gtx460, which are much better buys.
  3. ^+1 to that.
    You could spend a bit more on a better GPU.
    But, the PSU first.
    Also, list your PC specs.
    It's the best psu in country. I'm in my way to the store guys. I think i'm gonna buy 6790 :-s
  5. Since you've 33.3A combined amps on the +12V rail I think you should be fine /w 6850.
  6. By the way where are you from?
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    That PSU is a good one, and so it would run a HD 6790 well.
    But you can spend a bit more on a GTX 460 1GB or a Radeon HD 6850. But it's your choice.
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