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Please Help startup password problemes

Hello, i have a gateway nv51bo2h laptop and i put a start-up password on it a while ago, i didn't like it so i wanted to remove it but it was not letting me. so i did change password and it asked me this...

current password
new password
confirm new password

so i entered my current password and left the other 2 blank (i just pressed enter) and now it still asks me for the start-up password but my old password doesn't work and just pressing enter doesn't work either. i called gateway and they told me it would cost 99.99 dollars and a week for me to send it out so plz someone help me :(
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    We can not provide assistance in bypassing passwords as we have no idea if its actually your computer. And it is against forum rules. You need to deal with gateway. Also the software in the above post looks extremely suspicious and should not be used.
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