Can I swap the cpu in my toshiba satellite A65-S126 with an Intel core2 duo cpu

I bought a toshiba satellite A65-S126 Laptop, it currently cas the intel celeron processor. I like to stream movies, and it just moves so slow, and load times take forever. I am wondering if I can swap the cpu for the intel core2 duo t7300 cpu. And If so will the current fan/ heatsink work. or is there an upgrade that will?
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  1. That will be a lot of hard work, have you found a shop or anywhere that still sells the t7300? Also the RAM on this laptop is still the 1st. generation DDR, those, if still available, are expensive.

    I might be wrong, but the budget you'd spend on this upgrade could be spent on a dual core Atom netbook or an AMD with a decent IGPU.

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  2. It can be done but you will have to take your time and don't trust anyone working at a shop to work on your laptop to be honest. Better done your self and fallow the instructions if you manage to find any service manuals as they very useful.

    Finding the cpu shouldn't be hard, there is newegg, eBay (caution), and amazon.
  3. I have the A65-S126 Tosh laptop....I did manage an install of a Mobile Pentium 4 "532"....a 3.06 Ghz P4-----"SL7NA". It does run hotter than the Celeron 128 that came with the original set-up, but with a 1mb L-2 cache, it turns over much more data (8-9x) per clock cycle than than 128kbs L-2 of the Celly. One BIG caveat is upgrading the BIOS BEFORE hand to version 1.90---this update added microcode for EO stepping and revision. It was no more than a standard install. No driver updates were needed and the BIOS modified slightly by adding Hyperthreading and more fan control options automatically. Also of note---the CMOS has got to be cleared somewhat after your first boot attempt. Just unpower completely the laptop & hold down the power button for a minute. It flushes the last boot data, but not necessarily clears the CMOS.Take GREAT care on your ribbon cables: I trashed my touchpad ribbon cable by accident and awaiting the arrival of a new one. Also, I recommend perusing how to update the Atheros 5004G wireless w/ later drivers and operating interface program. I got a lappy that's at least WPA2 compliant w/ a Hyperthreaded 3gig Pentium CPU. Enjoy the speed bump! Everest reported a 25-150% bump in performance across the board. Real world performance is that the maximum in this configuration of Video streaming in pixel quality was 480p. As opposed to stuttering in 240p. Big boost. It helps to max out the RAM as well.
    The v1.90 BIOS update adds EO stepping and revisions to BIOS look for a cpu w/socket 478/ EO stepping....if the C2D has it, you might be in bizness!
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