Help - XFX 6870 – Distortion and Garbled sections in Windows 7

I am having an odd issue that I have not been able to find an example of through a fair amount of Google searching.

After a new core upgrade, [motherboard (GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3), Processor (Intel 2500k), Ram (Corsair Vengeance), and XFX 6870] I installed Motherboard drivers, downloaded the latest catalyst drivers, removed the old Nvidia drivers, etc. and everything was running fine.

Two days later, yesterday to be exact, I booted my computer up and notice this very peculiar distortion/garbling at Windows 7 desktop. The distortion is limited to specific areas. For example, icons on desktop or toolbar will distort, sometimes shifting to a 45 degree angle on mouse over. This affects text drastically, but it is usually several words but never the entire horizontal line on the screen or the entire web page or document. The issue only occurs when on desktop – does not occur in bios or Windows load screen.

It’s difficult to describe the visual effect. At some points text is compressed horizontally to where it is almost more code, other times the text is flared (first characters larger then to smaller, like bad effects in power point) and diagonal. Tasks bar tears a bit to where it is almost like .5 inch heart beat.

Troubleshooting I have done the below:

1. Initial roll back to working configuration – did not resolve
2. Re-install ATI Catalyst drivers – did not resolve
3. Disable all Startup and Processes via msconfig – did not resolve.
4. Booted to safe mode, the issue did not occur. Ran Registry Cleaner (CC Cleaner), double checked that no existing mobo, proc, video card drivers exist – did not resolve
5. Confirmed that onboard video is disabled in BIOS.
6. Disabled Aero theme in windows – This caused a pretty significant decrease in the distortion/garbling of text, but it is still visually occurring. Booted up SWTOR, it is causing full screen graphical problems unlike desktop. Video Card hates AA?
7. Installed 12.1 Preview Catalyst drivers – no effect
8. Ran SFC /scannow, dxdiag, no effect.
9. Uninstalled all video drivers – attempted to install via windows update. Odd error here, don’t have it… Windows recommendation was to install directly from manufacture. Did not resolve.
10. Ran FurMark to see if issue got worse with increased Video Card temperature via burn in. No effect to distortion.
11. Replaced DVI cable, Tried with spare monitor, issue still persists

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. So you didn't re-install Windows after you upgraded your motherboard, cpu, ram and video card.................?

    There's nothing odd about you having trouble.
  2. geekapproved said:
    So you didn't re-install Windows after you upgraded your motherboard, cpu, ram and video card.................?

    There's nothing odd about you having trouble.

    You are incorrect. I was able to test the video card by swapping it with my friends 6870. Her's works perfectly fine in my PC, with zero distortion. RMA is in my future.

    You might want to know that Windows 7 will handle a hardware change much differently than XP or Vista; hence the reason why I did the swap. There is nothing like a new PC install, but sometimes, it is good to know you don't have to start from scratch.

    As an addict on this forum, I would have expected more troubleshooting and less attitude, but alas this is the internet.
  3. Anybody with any computer knowledge knows that you don't replace a mobo, cpu, ram and graphics card without re-installing windows, I don't care if it's XP or Windows 10. Your going to have driver conflicts up the wazoo and in general, it's just going to be SLOW because it's clogged up with all kinds of old stuff.

    Laziness is just asking for issues. You probably spent hours troubleshooting and trying different things and you could have just did a fresh install from the start.

    The odds of your card being defective are about 1 in 100. Driver conflict, 1 in 3.
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