HD 6670 or GTS 450 or ... XBOX 360


My Sapphire HD 4670 fanless stopped working awhile ago an I never replaced it. Just been using onboard HD 4200 for a while which hasn't been great.

Anyway, I wanted to get something fanless and with a bit more performance than the 4670. I wondered which one of these is better or is there not much performance difference?

HD 6670



GTS 450


Also considering a HD 6770 from Gigabyte which is supposed to have a low noise 10cm but this is still not ideal really.

Also what about an XBOX? Wold this last longer than the cards suggested - I dont play that many games.

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  1. well if you dont play many games i dont think there would be much point in getting an xbox although if u did you would be safe to play anygame on it.

    I currently have the 6670 by saphire but i doubt the performance will be much different and i can play and game on 1920x1080 on med settings including battlefield 3.

    althought by stats the gts 450 is better

    if it was me id get the 6770 from gigabyte will give you great performance
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