Laptop screens vs desktop LCDs

Is there a significant difference between laptop screens and desktop flat panel displays?

I can't help but wonder why you can get laptops with a variety of high-res screens (e.g. 1600x1200 on a 15" panel) and yet the choice of panel sizes and resolutions on desktop LCDs is very limited.
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  1. on the other hand...
    You can't chose a faster/better LCD, you have to go with the ones the manufacturer of the notebook is giving you.

    I just bought a Dell centrino and althought the resolution is 1400x1050 for a 14.1" notebook, response time is 50ms, contrast ratio: 250:1, Luminance/Brightness: 150 cd/m2. No options were given, and it was very difficult to find out this specs - they weren't in the manual.
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