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Explorer crashes when deleting rar files.

I am having DELL Studio 1450 Laptop with Windows7 home premium.
I used to download movies from internet. most of them in rar part files.after extracting movie when i try to delete those rar files, windows explorer crashes.
It's not happening all the time. but almost 50% of time.after trying 3-4 times, i can succeed.
I had updated updated all the drivers for my system and intalled new version of winrar too. still same crash happens.
Crash happens both for Shift+Del and Del to recycle bin.
Please help!!!
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  1. how much memory do you have and how big are the .rar files
  2. mostly 100mb files.

    My memory is 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
    Core2quad 2.53Ghz
  3. Please help!!!
    Anybody out there??? :(
  4. Virus maybe? Or else, a corrupted Windows install.

    Scan for viruses and/or reinstall Windows. My main question is, when you say you download movies in RAR archives, where are you getting them from? Maybe one of them had a virus in it?
  5. mostly from rapidshare, hotfile & megaupload.
    Having Mcafee full protection & done some online scanning also. no use.
    It happened in Vista too. I bought my laptop with Vista home premium & got upgrade for Win7 & installed.
    It's not happening always, sometimes only. I used to scan all files before unrar.
    Hope it may be a flaw with windows itself. Used to send error report also. no use.
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    Considering where you're downloading from, then this seems illegal and you probably picked up a virus, which many people would say serves you right. I won't pass judgement on you, but your best recourse is to just reformat your hard drive (all of them if you have multiple) and reinstall your OS. I would also say, stay away from downloading from those sites.
  7. Thanks isamuelson.
    Hereafter I'll try not to download things form these Servers.
    But it happens for some of the rar files i created also not only from the files downloaded only.
    fresh rars created also causes this error.
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