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So I've been searching around, and came to this one forum that explains about a way to create an external laptop graphics adaptor. I was wondering if I will be able to do this myself as well.

I have the samsung 9 series 13 inch. It says on the forum that the computer needs an express card slot, but I just want to make sure if there's another way around it.

The link to the forum is:


So can I do this with my samsung 9 series laptop?
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  1. The 1 major problem I can see with this is the Express card slot has a similar bandwidth to a single PCIE 2.1 lane and modern graphics cards use 16, though are fine with only 8 , but are crippled with only 4. So even if it runs as optimally as possible it will not run as well as mid range mobile cards maybe not even as well as lowend ones.
  2. I just checked out your laptop specs, and it has somewhat of a weak CPU. I don't know what kind of gaming you want to try out - but most likely even with an external GPU most games will probably be able to play on low-medium quality settings.

    Out of all the external GPU for laptops i have checked out - all of them were not worth the investment of money compared to what you get back in terms of performance.

    Also there is no way around the expresscard requirement.
  3. Not enough bandwidth to make it worth while and they are usually very rare that are desktop level performance. I suggest that you either live with what you got or buy a better laptop.
  4. I want to run Diablo3 once it is released.
    And i feel like intel 300 hd is too weak.
    Id be fine if it runs smoothly even on low.
  5. Get a laptop with AMD llano if you want to run Diablo III and cheap.
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