3 monitors on a single Gainward GTX 570 Phantom

Hi all,

I just found out that i won't be able to make this work ... the 3 monitors via a single Gainward GTX 570 Phantom.
Please, advice on a cheap solution, because i cannot afford a SLI, this Phantom is not cheap at all :)

Here's my current configuration:
win 7 64bit
dfi dk x58 t3eh6
i7 920
12GB ram
gainward gtx570 phantom
1000W Cooler Master PSU
And some HDDs
2x20" Viewsonic - 1600x1200
1x24" Dell U2410f - 1920x1200

I know there should be a way to add a second Graphics card, not a SLI combo, and run one of the monitors via it.
If that is the only solution, what card should i choose and will it affect the way the Phantom handles the other 2 monitors?

Here's my second question, i have physically arranged the monitors this way: the 2x20" ones are side by side, and the 1x24" is above them, centered.
With a setup where the solution is a second Graphics card ... will i be able to align them properly where the "Change the appearance of your displays" in Win 7 is?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Get another (cheaper) Nvidia GPU and install it. No SLI, but you will be able to operate the third monitor and will also minimize your driver hassles.
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