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CPU fan has no effect on temperature. thermal paste messed up?

I was just watching prime85 while watching the core temperatures and I noticed that the fan speed doesnt make a difference whatsoever. I have a Tuniq CR-T120 cooler which is supposed to be pretty good. Shouldnt changing the fan speed from really low to max change the temperature a couple degrees if everything was set up right? It has the same effect, or lack of, at both idle and 100%. What do you guys think?
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  1. More information.
  2. Lets see, I just built this computer a couple weeks ago. I used silver arctic thermal paste, spreading it evenly over the surface of the chip with a credit card. In my opinion it was a small amount, but unless you are supposed to use a tiny amount only? Anyway, I've been doing quite a bit of testing and was satisfied with the results in terms of temps, ie less than 72-74c at full load running a 2.13 at 2.95. But now im noticing that the fan speed doesnt change the temperature in a measurable way at all, and i mean the difference is between silent on low to bothering my roommates loud on high.

    Xeon L5518 @ 2.95ghz
    EVGA E758-A1 Motherboard
    Mushkin 8gb blackline PC-1600
    Nvidia GTX 470
    Mushkin 60gb SSD
    WD RE4 1TB 7200RPM SATA II
    1000 watt silverstone PSU
    Tuniq CR-T120 CPU cooler
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    you ought NOT use a credit card and spread the TP, it will cause air pockets when you install the heatsink. a line or pea sized dot in the middle is best.

    thats the problem.

    @amuffin didn't someone post a you tube video showing the different way by pressing down a piece of glass on your how to apply TP thread you have?
  4. :/ this means I have to pull my motherboard out to get to the cooler screws, well ill let you know the result in a while.
  5. You most likely used too much paste.
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  7. Awesome, I put thermal paste on the right way and it got about 15-20 degrees cooler under load. Was definitely worth the extra work, thanks!
  8. good job!
  9. Haha so actually that was without the cpu fan plugged in. Now its just downright cold :)
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