Beginner build, 720$, mmo gaming build.

I want to know if this is a good build. I am building my first gaming computer, hoping to run SWTOR on max (excluding shadows) and get some super high fps, specially in pvp or ops. I also want to know if this is a good build that can run Guild Wars 2 in the future with high fps. I will also spend decent amount of time on my computer, about 2-8 hours per day.
This is a 720$ computer including the monitor and peripherals, but excluding the OS.

Everything from Newegg (if you recommend any other website please do I will be most grateful)





Video Card:



DVD Burner:


I think that the only mistake I have done could be in the PSU because I dont know how much power will my computer need. I think I got all the parts for a computer.
I will appreciate any feedback.
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    That PSU isn't a very good one, but even if it was it's more power than needed.

    Check out my $650 build here:
    Just switch the motherboard to this one (-$15)
    And switch the PSU to this one (-$17)
    Total: $615
    Plenty of power as the Total of the system only needs roughly 260w. You also get a i5 2400 which blows any AMD chip out of the water and the 6870 performs very well almost the same level as a GTX 560 (no Ti) though maybe just slightly worse.

    i5 2400 vs 1100T
    Especially in gaming the i5 2400 blows the AMD chips out of the water, I use the 1100T to show you because there is no 960T on the list but the 1100T is basically like an unlocked 960T. Although CPU doesn't usually matter in gaming for the FPS, you can see the Sandy Bridge chips just dominate in it gaining 30+ FPS in some cases over the 1100T.

    Monitor $90:
    DVD Burner $16:
  2. thanks for the fast reply, I never really figured there was a difference between AMDs and Intels. Extra thanks for the monitor, saved me a bunch.
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  4. No problem good luck!
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