Can the forum be activated for tapatalk?

Hi guys
As far as I can see this forum doesn't use tapatalk. Can it be set up for tapatalk please? Browsing forums on an iPad is crap from the website, plus it never saves my login details!
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  1. Us this on my Blackberry and it makes a big difference when viewing forums.

    This would be a great addition.

  2. tapatalk integration would be amazing. All it takes is the tomshardware mods/admin to install a free plugin!
  3. I would LOVE tapatalk access also
  4. We don't have any plans for integrating tapatalk at the moment. Though, currently, our forum platform is under redevelopment. At some point after the upcoming update, we may consider adding this as a feature extension. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Please consider adding tapatalk support! Thanks.
  6. Would love to see this also.
  7. I would love to see that as well
  8. Tapatalk is a generic forum app, and I do not think it would work with Tom's Hardware. I seen some websites make a customized tapatalk app specifically for their forum, which is what I think Tom's Hardware should do, since it is not your usual forum.
  9. Tapatalk is typically compatible with vBulletin, whereas the Tom's Hardware forum software is proprietary. It would not be easily integrated, unfortunately. On the up-side, we are working on a mobile-friendly version, so keep your eyes peeled for this coming down the pike. :)
  10. Just tried to access this forum on tapatalk :( Im surprised there is't access to this forum yet from the app. Looking forward to this feature!
  11. Keep an eye on Forum Feedback here for when we start testing our mobility functionality in the future. :)
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