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Hello, I am new to the whole building a computer scene and was coming here seeking help. My budget is the $850-$1000 range and I need a good gaming rig. Super HD graphics aren't what I'm going for, I want something that can put out a constantly smooth FPS at around medium settings for most games. I don't play too many First Person Shooters and stick to mostly MMOs/Strategy games. Any help you can provide would be very appreciated.
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  1. Totally newb here, If I have an SSD and a HDD how does that work out?
  2. Switch the RAM suggested above with this:

    He recommend 1.65v RAM it's better if you stay closer to 1.5v
  3. SSD as boot drive...HDD as storage....with the z68 board you can use the SSD cache ..the Z68 chipset
  4. Also, I have a BFGR550WGSPSU 550w power supply now, will that work in place of buying one?
  5. Also, Again, Once in get everything assembled what do I do about an Operating system and all that?
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