Any games that will run on 256mb videocard?

i have a quadcore 4 gigs dualchannel but only a intergrated graphics and its 256 mb with the latest driver any good games that will run on this?
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  1. What is the 256 meg card you speak of?? We need the name/model of it to suggest anything.

  2. I run PES 2012 and minecraft lowered with my 256MB GPU without a problem. Also, graphics doesn't depend on memory, because almost all the time graphics depend on the GPU.

    What is it anyway? Intel HD 3000? HD 2000? Or AMD HD 6410D? HD 6550D?
  3. Whats the exact computer and specifications, ram, memory, motherboard?
  4. amd athlon x4 quad 3.2 ghz 4 gigs dual channel 1333 ram nvideo geofroce 6150 se
  5. Well you have a semi decent setup besides your IGP. Half Life Source games work decently on IGPs.

    Other than might be able to play some other newer games on low quality. But if your serious about gaming you will definately need a GPU. Something along the lines of a 6770 which is a good mid range GPU, and decently priced.
  6. im building one for my 18th bday i5 2500k 4.5 ghz 8 gigs corsair vengance xfx r7970 blackedition h100 cooler 1tb hdd blueray drive set inside a hafx
  7. I will say the 6150 is a surprising chip. Of can run most low end games on low. That being said, it won't run LoL and most other halfway modern games.
  8. woo minecraft on low in a minimized window no textures or mods at 25 fps lol so fun
  9. Download optifine and see if it boost...

    Anyway to see performance boost you need to get a new GPU, 6770 is a good one.

    Also if you are building a new PC, you can leave this PC and should be good. Especially the XFX 7970...
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