Where/how to keep the PC case to prevent dust buildup and make it cool

show I put it on top of my desk or at the bottom? I knew since I was a little kid that hot air goes up and cold air goes down, maybe dust has some sort of behavior similar to this? does it float in the air everywhere or does it drop on the ground?
what's the best location, as high as possible or as low as possible? and since cold air stays down does that mean keeping it on the ground is the best thing?
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  1. The coolest air will be on the lowest... so that is the plus side of the PC being on the floor. On the other hand, dust & dirt also settle on the floor. You can prevent the dust from entering your case & building up in your PC components by putting in air filters ( if your case does not have it ) & having the good habit of cleaning it regularly depending on how dusty it is in your place.
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