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7970 pci ex 3.0?

I see that on newegg the new amd cards are pci express 3.0. I have found 1 mobo with 3.0 but when I click on the combo 7970 build the mobo they have is 2.0. Can these cards work in 2.0?
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  1. Yes, they are backwards compatible.
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    Yes, they are backwards compatible. As long as you use all 16 lanes of PCI-E 2.0 you won't suffer any performance loss. Using only 8 lanes in Crossfire with 2 7970s may cause a small performance loss, but nothing too severe.
  3. let me put it in plain words...PCIE gen 3 does absolutely nothing to gaming performance for 7970. 8x Pci 2 is enough to get 99% out of it. If you want to get 1% will end up paying $30-40 extra for no reason.
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