XFX HD Radeon 6870 - Heavy Artifact's

So about a year ago I built my brother a computer and we recently upgraded his graphics to a 6870. Here are the PC specs specifically.

Athlon II x3 455
Asus AM3 M4A87 TD Evo
4gb 2x2gb G.skill RAM
Samsung spinpoint f3 500gb
Antec 300 Illusion case(3 120mm LED and 1 140mm LED Fan)
Ultra LSP 550w PSU
HP Cd/Dvd rw drive
XFX HD 6870

He has had the card for under 24 hours now and a couple minutes ago he had two WoW crashes due to full blow artifacting. Im wondering if this could be as simple as a driver issue or if the PSU is not strong enough for the card.
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  1. Can he try another game?

    Also what are the temps for the card like under load?
  2. 60-62C at load, hes been playing WoW now for about 2-3 hours since it happened with no problems but it still has me a little nervous. He's also been playing BF3 60-62c at load earlier today and hasnt had problems with that yet. Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. No worries, hopefully its sorted now

    Do you know if he had an nVidia card before?
  4. His previous card was a Sapphire 5750. Ive read of people havign conflicts with 11.11 AMD drivers with the 6870 but id rather just have second and third opinions on the PSU with the 6870.
  5. The PSU only has 30A on the +12V rail or 360W, modern PC components draw almost all of their power from the +12V rail(s), the Ultra LSP550 seems to have alot of its power on the 3.3 and 5V rails.

    Its alittle borderline to be honest.
  6. Im going to order him a PSU right now, He will never crossfire but probably upgrade to a 1090t in the future, maybe another HDD or two aswell. Any recommendations?
  7. What's the budget?
  8. He has about 200$. I think he doesnt want to spend anymore than 100 so anywhere from 75-100$. Somethign reliable that will last a while and work with future upgrades would be great
  9. I think im leaning towards the Corsair TX 650.
  10. You can't go wrong with Corsair so this TX650 V2 for $90 is a bargin.


    Its overkill for his system at the moment, so will easily allow for future upgrades.
  11. rhartzell88 said:
    I think im leaning towards the Corsair TX 650.

    Lol, great minds think alike :P
  12. Hehe, I dont mind overkill on something like the PSU. Can never go wrong with that!
  13. rhartzell88 said:
    Hehe, I dont mind overkill on something like the PSU. Can never go wrong with that!

    Yeah true, I've got a XFX Pro platinum 1000W with a HD5450 haha... only temporary until I can afford a GPU less crap :p
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