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Will This GPU work with the Barebones Kit?

Hey here is a barebones kit im buying off of tiger direct:

Im also planning on getting an Nvidia GTX 560 ti along w/ it. my main problem is the PSU. i got a 450w and the 560 ti recommends a 500w. but that's a recommendation. will my rig be able to pull through with only a 450w?
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    Overloading a PSU or loading it to 100% shortens it's lifespan and depending on the quality of the PSU can cause hardware failures. Don't get cheap on your PSU.

    On the more technical side a brief search on Tom's showed this video card will eat 163 watts of power under load. I wouldn't run a PSU beyond 80-90% of its rated capacity which on a 450 watt PS leaves 360-405 watts. So this video card at load with a 450 watt PSU is taking up between 40-45% of a safe load by itself.
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