Advice for building gaming rig? (1-1,200 USD)


Purchase date: Indefinite (I can wait for new deals/new tech etc.)

Budget: 1000-1200 USD

System usage: Gaming, Photoshop, Web browsing, watching movies

Parts not required: mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers

Where: Canada/USA/Philippines

Parts Preference: Radeon 6950 or 6870, mobo that can crossfire for future use, core i7 2600k( or will an i5 suffice for gaming?)

Overclocking: Maybe

Crossfire: Maybe

Resolution: 1920x1080

Comments: I'd like something not too noisy, with good airflow, no bling/bright colors. run all games max/close to max at 720 or 1080 resolution. I'm particularly concerned with how the mobo, ram, and heatsink fit together (first time assembling a pc)

Stuff I seem to like (feel free to suggest otherwise):


Corsair Vengeance RAM

Hope you guys could help :)
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  1. CPU: i5-2500k. Reason: HT can make some games perform worse.
  2. @azeem40
    whoa i did not know that. thanks!
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