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I have new gaming rig, but I don´t yet have any GPU. First I thought AMD 6970 DirectCu II, but now I´m thinking, why not 7970. I´m using Optoma HD 33 -projector and Sony 46" LCD TV as displays and both are 1080p resolution.

Can I really see the difference with just Full Hd resolution gaming, if I take 7970?

Nvidia is not option in my case, couse those doesn´t support lossless audio formats.
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  1. What's your use?

    Current system Spec's?

    Monitors native resolution?
  2. I play on my LG LH90 Led tv as well. The image quality is the same regardless of the card you have. All the 7970 will let you do is that you will get higher FPS in games..so the gameplay will be smoother. Now this only applies up to 60fps. So lets say you are playing a game like WoW that isn't too demanding. Then the 6970 will give you 70+fps..and the 7970 might give you 100 fps...but you won't notice any difference at all because the human eye can't see the difference beyond 60fps.

    However 7970 is more future proof..but its way overpriced. So think about the games you play...and google 7970 reviews..to see the 1920x1080P benchmarks.
  3. The HD7970 is roughly 40% faster than a HD6970, in my opinion it wouldn't be worth the cost of upgrading unless you absolutely have to play at maximum settings and are currently experiencing lag due to poor frame rates.

    If the TV you play on has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz then you won't see a difference over 60FPS, but the human eye can detect more than 60FPS.
  4. Thanks for the answers.

    My motherboard is AsRock Z68-EXTREME4-GEN3, CPU is Intel i7-2600k and 650W power supply. I don´t have any GPU for now.

    My TV is 100 hz and the video projector that I also use in gaming is 3D, so I think it is 200hz. That means it should be possible to get more fps than 60.

    7970 would be more future proof but yes, it is over priced. Still Club 3D 7970 is 450€ and that ain´t to bad. And also would get more money from it when I sell it in next few years than from 6970.

    I also appreciate silence, so the XFX version would be best. The problem is that it will cost nearly 600 €... Which one would you take?

    I also watch lots of movies with my PC. Do you happen to know if I can use only my CPU when watching movies? Becouse in gaming the noice ain´t so big problem...
  5. In my opinion ...If you are gaming in 3D I would suggest the 7970 as it will perform better.
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