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Hey, I recently got a new case and I set up my rig fine. I got the Phantom 410 btw. Anyway I set up very quick so a few days after i did some cable managegemt and it went well. Then again after that, I noticed that the HDD lights and power lights were not lighing up. So when I tried to fix that, the computer would not turn on. I put the jumpers back to where they were and it still didn't work. I also tried only the reset and power jumpers and that didn't work. I know my computer works becouse i jumped the power supply and all the fans ran and the hard drives spun up as well. I really need this computer running and I'm nt good with jumpers and headers at all!!! PLZ HELP!! :(
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  1. First those jumpers as you call them (connectors) have a polarity when dealing with the LED's. If you don't have the polarity correct the LED's won't light. The switches (power and reset) don't matter as to polarity. You do however have to be on the correct pins. I'm thinking your on the wrong pins. Go over the connections again with the info from the manual.
  2. Just go slow, and use the MB manual.
  3. I have no manual. You see, I had a hp comuter but i upgraded everything, new case, new psu, new gpu. I'm still stuck with the motherboard though. I know I'm placing the connectors in the right place becaue it labbled. Here is my motherboard
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  5. Thanks, I'll give it a try :)
  6. It does :D Thanks soo much!!
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