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Hi I ordered the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 plus a couple days ago and what arrived today was the Hyper 212 Evo. I can't see any obvious difference but there must be one. What is the difference?
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  1. 1) lower RPM fan (quieter)
    2) brackets for adding a 2nd fan

    Otherwise the heat-sink and mount are identical. Technically the EVO is the better unit anyways, so I would just keep it and enjoy saving that $5-10
  2. Awesome! Does it still push the same amount of air as the Plus version?
  3. slightly less airflow, but still pretty good. On mine I put the stock fan in the case, and then put 2 silent fans on the EVO to get the flow back with a little less noise than the stock fan.
    Bench temps for my i7 2600 are 58-61*c on all 4 cores when clocked at 4.2GHz and the fans all at their lowest settings.
  4. Can you advise what fans to put on my EVO to bump up the airflow a bit? It needs to be relatively cheap.
  5. It will outperform the 212+ regardless of the fan speed difference.

    Better base too!
  6. Hook it all up first, you likely don't need another fan. The fans I replaced my system with are some low RPM 120mm Enermax fans found at my local microcenter:
    I got them on sale for $10ea at the time. They are extremely quiet, but because of this there very low airflow to them, so you typically need to buy 2 for every 120mm fan you replace. For a normal system there is no need to get fans like these, I got them because I do audio recording from time to time, and these are quiet to begin with, and easy to filter out what little noise they do make.
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