How to make a connection between ip camera and a website using MAC address?

i want to access my camera from my internet website, am using dynamic internet IP address "it's changed automaticly every time. so i thought about the MAC address of the IP camera, i found some websites use the MAC address to link the camera "" and "" i want the configurations that i have to do to make this workout without static IP and without using a computer between camera and internet router. please help me
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  1. mac address isnt passed on so that wont work.
  2. rand_79 said:
    mac address isnt passed on so that wont work.

    ok, can u just take a look at this website and tell me if there is another method we can use to get the connection??
  3. I'm not sure how your "website" fits into the picture, but if you're just trying to reach the camera behind your router from the Internet, you need to establish a port forward from your router to the camera's IP address. Then use one of the many DDNS websites to track your public IP (e.g., Many routers these days include DDNS clients to keep your DDNS name updated, or worst case, use a PC/laptop based DDNS client.
  4. sorry, i wont use DDNS website. i want to forward the camera directly to my website,

    if i configured the camera to forward to my website insteat of forward to for example, how can i configure my website to recieve the data which sent from the camera and display it on my page for my website users?
  5. Are you hosting the website behind your own firewall, or is it being hosted somewhere else, e.g., by a third party?

    You can't "forward" the camera to anything unless the camera itself is capable of forwarding (highly unlikely). Instead, the camera’s images have to be "pulled" from its current location. If that's behind a NAT firewall, then you need to port forward from that NAT firewall over to the camera and pull the images (i.e., access the camera on its service port). That's where DDNS potentially comes into play should that network be using a dynamic public IP. You need some way to track the dynamic public IP. If it's a static IP, then obviously you don't need DDNS.

    This is a fairly basic and routine procedure for gaining access to any resource located behind a NAT firewall, and a network using a dynamic public IP. Then again, perhaps I’m just missing your point, maybe you’re trying to accomplish something else, if so, I’m not understanding it from your descriptions. Sorry.
  6. Hi,
    if i understand correct he means this:
    1. he has an ip camera at home.
    2. he has a wifi router conected to his computer.
    3. he wants (from his computer) to establish connection to the ip camera.

    i guess the main issue is how to define the camera to work wit his router (specially if his router has a code to enter to).

    am i right?
    do you know how it is done?
  7. You will need to use a DDNS for your camera that will be able to sense any ISP IP change for your ISP IP. You can try places like that offer free DDNS services for that. Once you do that, please see these:

    Here are two examples, both with live demos. Both are free. Both are HTML/JavaScript based.

    For MJPEG Based IP Cameras:

    For H.264 Based IP Cameras:

    Note: The above examples, work with ANY Internet browser capable device, that is running on ANY Operating System, using ANY browser. From Computers to Tablets to Phones and even some TVs.

    There are 10 Live Demos, one of which includes using your own camera(s) with the example, without needing to download/install anything first.

    It's also possible to embed the above Interfaces in the actual Web UI camera firmware, as well, as to not require a web host/sever to serve them. Using your camera as a web host/mini-website.

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