Card installs as Standard VGA Adapter (problem)

Hi, was wondering if anyone could help. Ive been trying to put a new graphics card in my dads pc, but every time i do it tells me its just a standard vga adapter. Heres a list of what ive done so far
1, Tried 2 different cards both with the same outcome, an older x1650 and a hd5450 both ati.
2, downloaded the latest ati drivers for both and tried to install but no luck.
3, ran driver sweeper countless times.
4, Reseated the cards lots.
5, Cleared the cmos as it was suggested on a similar problem i found on the forums.
6, pulled out large clumps of hair :cry:
Its only a graphics card i cant understand why im having problems, ive installed many myself over the years and for friends never had a problem like this.
The pc is an acer aspire T671-PB74, Intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram, 250GB HDD, Vista home premium.
Hope someone can help thanks
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  1. Until you get the drivers installed, it will only be recognized as a standard VGA adapter. Make sure you are installing the correct driver. That's the only thing I can recommend. What OS is this?
  2. Ive downloaded the latest from ati a couple of times and tried to use the cd wich came with the hd5450 but still no luck. is it possible to install a display driver then add the card after? its just the ati ones seem to com as a bunch of drivers and check to see which card is installed, they install and still say standard vga adapter?
  3. No the card has to be installed forst. What error, if any, are you getting when you install the driver? Again, which OS is this?
  4. The dredded Vista home premium, I just get a warning when i check it it opens firefox and states nothing about any errors, sorry i dont have much info
  5. Vista home premium, 32-bit or 64 bit?
  6. 32 mate
  7. Just making sure, did you restart your computer after installing the drivers? Changes may not happen until you restart the system.

    Also. Did you download the AMD Catalyst? If not, download the AMD Catalyst and the drivers for your GPU.

    Then restart the computer.

    Sorry if this doesn't help. It just sounds like you have not restarted after installing the drivers and catalyst.
  8. First, make sure you are installing the entire catalyst software suite from here:

    Next, when you install the driver, make sure to allow the software to install at the UAC prompt.
  9. Yep done Catalyst, and yea i did restart after the install. Thanks for the input though.
  10. Sorry whats the UAC prompt?
  11. The User Access Control prompt. It's the security prompt you get when trying to change system settings. Unless you've disabled UAC, then you should be getting prompted when you start the install.
  12. Ah i know what you mean thanks, Ill download everything off that page and give it a go again, that way you know ive done everything your way exatly by the book. unfortunatly im not back at his till tomorrow so will have to let you know what happens then. Just a shot in the dark acer dont lock you out of installing new hardware in any way do they?
  13. No, they don't lock you out of upgrading the graphics card in any way.
  14. Thanks for your help abekl ill post again tomorrow and let you know the results
  15. 1. Right click the my computer icon left click manage
    2. left click device manger , left click display adapters
    3.right click the standard vga adapter,left click update driver software
    4.left click browse my computer
    5.left click let me pick from a list of device drivers
    6. if show all harware appears choose display adapters then click next
    6.5 if show all hardware does not appear simply click have disk
    7 browse to c:\ ati or c:\amd folder that was created when you first tried to install catalyst program.
    8 browse to display driver folder inside the amd or ati folder and open the .inf file
    9 click ok if correct driver is not showing untick show compatible hardware and choose
    the correct driver then click next.

    make sure you are installing 32 bit drivers for 32 bit systems and 64 bit drivers for 64 bit systems- and if you are trying to install a legacy(old) ati card driver make sure to download ati catalyst for legacy cards.
  16. Im sorry but this one has to go unsolved, not long after this it started giving lots of BSODs. So now i have installed win7 64bit. After that no problems installing any hardware. Thanks to all who inputted info on the matter, I am very gratefull for your help.
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