Best performance for under $1000?

Someone on another forum was looking for a PC to replace his laptop, and was wanting to build a
gaming PC anywhere between $600-$1000 including OS. No resolutions above 1080P, no 3D, and no multiple monitors.
He wants the PC to be able to play new games for around 1-2 years without having to upgrade the GPU. Not looking to play BF3 as far as I know.

So how is this build?

HAF 912

CX500 V2

Lite-On DVD Burner

Seagate 500GB

Crucial Ram:


EVGA 560 ti


Asus P8Z68

The two parts I am most unsure about is the 560ti and the motherboard.
Motherboard seems a little pricey, but it does include PCI-E 3, which might help in the long run.
The video card is also questionable. A 7850 seems to run more efficient and cooler than a 560ti, right?
He doesn't want to buy and then instantly have the price drop it seems, so he is contemplating putting the build off till June.

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  1. No bad...

    MB - Great board if you plan to overclock, but I don't get that impression. Stick with ASUS and look for an H67 motherboard. Will save you a little money and not sacrafice performance. Don't worry about PCIe 3.0 for now.

    GPU - For a single monitor at 1080 resolution you will be perfectly find with the 560 Ti. If you are looking for an AMD option, the HD 6870 is a great purchase as well.
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