Choosing between reference 7970s

Hey guys, I'm trying to decide between the XFX 7970 and the VisionTek 7970.

The XFX has a 2 year limited warranty, while the VisionTek has a lifetime warranty. Both are the same price.

I've never dealt with either of these companies in the past--any recommendations on which to choose?

Also, would you recommend that I wait for a non-reference design? I'm super antsy to get this as I'm upgrading from a 4870 512mb, but I'm wondering if I should wait it out... What do you think?

Thanks :D
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  1. Honestly non-reference designs are almost always better but if you're ready to buy you should go for it. The reference design is pretty good, if a bit loud at load. Either of the cards you mentioned should be fine- I personally have more familiarity and comfort with XFX but I wouldn't shy away from the VisionTek if it was a better deal.

    Longer warranty is a good deal for you if you plan to keep the card longer than 2 years. The peace of mind goes a long way!
  2. ^+1
    The peace of mind plus the life time warranty would be the selling point with me not so with Vision Tek as a brand. Does Evga have any out yet? That would be the one I would get. Life time warranty with them. Good luck to ya
  3. evga=nvidia
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