IS this enough power?

Im running on a i5 2500k not overclocked,
3 coolermaster 120mm 2000rpm fans
gigabyte nvidia gt 430
a 60gb OCZ solid state drive
1tb hdd
8gb of adata 1600mhz ram
im running on 500 watts of power which came with my coolermaster case
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  1. yes,your psu is enough...i calculated with the asus psu can try it out if you is the link...
  2. it will work because the nvidia GT430 hardly draws any power so its doubtful you break 225w at load but cooler master PSU that come with cases are not quality units. I would not hold your breathe for that unit to ever provide 500w at even peak.
  3. hmm so ill be more than fine with this for now .not planning to upgrade anymore lol
  4. Yeah that power is sufficient, but please keep in mind that many PSUs are complete garbage and will not deliver their rated power. If you're concerned, you should see if any professional sites such as HardOCP have reviewed it.
  5. good choice, can't really go wrong with Corsair
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