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i purchased a amd proccessor fx 6100 on the top of my box above a bar code a 13 digit no is written when i open my box then i saw that some digit also written on the chip but i did not understand when i saw that the serial no on chip and on box are same but the 13digit series is not same
because of this i have confused that the product i purchased is same or not
please suggest me in this case
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  1. just stick it in your system and go to system (on windows)... and hey, you might just get an 8 core system out of it :P
  2. thanks for reply but you are not understanding my problem
    actually i confused about the identification of my product.i am not understanding that how is it possible that 13 digit number written on box is differ from the 13 digit number written on chip.serial no. of box and chip are same but the 13digit no. is not same so my confusion is
    is the proccessor inside the box is same as they mentioned it on outside the box
  3. you can't really tell until you atleast boot your system, if it's a different product then RMA it
  4. Your system will never tell you the Serial Number of your CPU, it doens't know that much, the CPU doesn't even know its own serial number, it is printed on the top not hard coded into the chip.

    Are you talking about the serial number on the chip or the alphanumeric SKU which looks like FD4100WMGUSBX? If either doesn't match the box i would give AMD a call and see, it wouldn't be the first time product got swapped out for counterfeits.
  5. The number on the box is the part number for the CPU, heatsink (if it came with one), instructions, and packaging. Its the part# for the retail cpu kit.

    The number on the cpu is the part# of just the cpu.
  6. thanks for reply
    no, i am not talking about the serial no. because the serial no of chip inside the box is same as it mentioned on box but the alphanumeric SKU which looks like FD6100..... is not same on chip as illustrated on the box
    so what should i do ?
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