Intel i5 at 1600mhz? need answer ASAP

okay so i have an intel i5 2500k at stock settings, and i just bought an ssd and installed windows on it. when i boot up from my SSD i checked on the program core temp which shows your frequency and core tempreture and others

SO on my ssd ive been getting a steady 1600mhz and when im booted from my hdd i get 3300-3600.

why is this??
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  1. 1.6 is idle speed, so that's what it SHOULD be until you do something that requires more. My 2500K runs at or near 1.6 most of the time just browsing the web or something like that that doesn't really require much CPU power. Totally normal.

    Now, if it NEVER went above 1.6, that's another issue altogether.
  2. All of our processors have a technology called Intel® Speedstep® that when the processor isnt doing anything it will step down to a preset lower speed to save power. On the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K this speed is set to 1600MHz. Since this is based off the processor not having anything to do you are seeing that because of the speed of the SSD the processor gets all the information it needs and then sets. While with an HDD you are seeing the processor saying I only have part of the information that I need and is asking for additional information to come which the HDD is too slow to get to it quickly.
  3. Totally normal, put a load on your CPU to make sure it amps back up to 3.3GHz.

    Off Topic:
    Mr. Intel Rep, I recently switched to the blue team, oh my word was this a good idea! I have an i5-2500K, i3-2120, and an i5-2400 on the way! It even seems like the motherboard manufacturers make better boards for Intel chips..
  4. thanks alot guys.
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