Nothing on monitor but can access BIOS sometimes

I've looked around on the forums here as well as other places online and haven't been able to find any issues quite like mine. I really hope you guys can help!

So today I updated my video card driver (AMD Radeon 4800). I kept my computer running for a while and then turned it off. Later I went back to boot my pc but there was no display on the monitor. All fans were running, LED on MOBO was green but nothing on the monitor. The LED on my monitor went from orange to blue (indicating it was receiving a signal) and stay on blue, but still no display.

After disconnecting the computer from power and reconnecting and restarting I was able to see the MOBO display screen on the monitor. Then the American Megatrend (i think that was it) screen came up. After that I was able to access the BIOS of the computer. Unfortunately my knowledge of computers is fairly limited and not quite sure what to do within the BIOS.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? I don't have any spare computer parts around the house to try unfortunately. My only thought is that it has something to do with the update for the video driver as there were no other changed other than an installation of diablo 3. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Also within the BIOS as I spend more time my fans continue to spin faster and faster. Is there some way to maybe boot in safe mode from the BIOS or something?
  2. Another update: I tried to boot in safe mode by pressing F8. That lead me to a screen that said: "Loading Asus Express Gate". It seems to get stuck there and I had to turn to computer off again.

    Just tried booting the computer again and it went straight into the "Loading Asus Express Gate" page this time. I read that I can remove it from the BIOS but doesn't seem to want to let me get into the bios now.
  3. I tried once again and didn't get the Loading express gate error this time. I went into the BIOS to disable it and it apparently was already disabled. So i exited the BIOS and my screen went blank and got a sign on my monitor saying that no video input was detected, yet I was in the BIOS screen no more than 10 seconds ago...

    Yet another update:

    I wanted to try to see if my computer would boot in safe mode. I turned it on and all i get now is a horizontal flashing line in the top left hand corner

    Update: Tried to boot again but didn't get anything on the screen this time. Seems very strange that I seem to get something different every time.

    Ok not sure if this is progress or not:

    I inserted the windows CD to see if it made any change. When I booted and the computer made it to the "Starting Windows" screen, although it seemed to get stuck from there.


    So I booted again and I got a screen saying Windows Boot Manager with Windows 7 as the only option. I clicked it and then the screen went blank and nothing happened.

    Yet another update:

    When I turned the computer on (disk inside) I got to a system repair screen. I clicked to repair and it started but then froze while trying to repair. What the hell is going on with my computer!
  4. anonymous1 said:
    What PSU do you have? how old is it? It may not have been able to handle that new card and it is shot now.

    It isn't a new card. The only change that was made was an update to the video card driver. After it was updated it worked fine until i turned off my computer and then turned it back on later.

    PSU is a 700 Watt from Xion
  5. News:

    I again tried to boot my computer with the windows 7 installation cd and got the following message:

    "Bootmgr image is corrupt. The system cannot boot"
  6. It seems that sometimes I get to some menu, seems to vary a lot. Whenever I click on something from the menu the screen then goes black and I have to reboot. No clue what's going on.
  7. Ok so I was able to get into the system repair setting and it seems to have done some good. I was able to get to the desktop (YAY!) but my fans continue to run very loudly and at very high RPMs. Any idea why?
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