Whats The best cpu out of these ?


I will be getting one of these cpus with a new motherboard

Whats thebest one EXCLUDING the two top 8000 ones
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  1. Phenom 965.

    You know these deals are only in store?
  2. Thay 99$ one?
  3. Is that a good deal ? It comes with a free motherboard
  4. martinjr15 said:
    Is that a good deal ? It comes with a free motherboard

    Do you have a microcenter near you?
  5. You can order an get the internet price, they will have it ready for you to pickup in 18 mins. the piix4 is the superior, followed by the phenom hexacore =]
  6. Awww they have no phenom x4 in stock should i check the x6?
  7. Yes. the x6 is 2nd best in terms of price/performance. the free mobo is AM3+ which is great news as you can upgrade to BD later onwards.
  8. Ok cool cause it saysthey. Have 10+ in stock of the x6
  9. By the way im pairing it with a gtx 460 will itbe good?
  10. amuffin said:
    Do you have a microcenter near you?

    Yes. I do.
  11. Yes.

    Which Microcenter store are you looking at? Call them ahead of time or place a 18 min order.
  12. yeah forsure. BF3 at 40-50 at high in 1080p (personal experience).
  13. Im looking at the orange county / tustin one

    And sounds great!
  14. Which GTX 460? 192Bit or 256Bit? Resolution?
  15. Glad to help, mate.
  16. Not sure . Ill be on a 20 inch led monitor
  17. amuffin said:
    Which GTX 460? 192Bit 256Bit? Resolution?

    Most likely the cheapest one i can findat microcenter or newegg
  18. look it up. Download GPU-Z and find the bus width. if its 256bit youll be fine.
  19. I dont have the card yet , as im going to buy one today . So look for 256 bit? If its not available is 192 ok?
  20. I have never bough GFX cards from MicroCenter because they are unreasonable expensive there. newegg is the way to go imho. I only see the 192 bit on newegg. i would recomend the HD 6850 or 6870. similar price ~20-30$. but thats just my opinion. 256 shows its colors during high res gaming.
  21. So 192 is bad?
  22. yes its much slower. google benchmarks.
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