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So I've just had a long fb conversation with a friend who wants to get rid of his computer. He bought it for like 1400 USD a few years ago is selling it too me for bout 350 USD. Reason I wanna buy this is 'cause it's cheap and should still be on par with todays components..also with a bit of tinkering from my side I'd say it could become a pretty decent gaming rig.

What I got outta the conversation bout his rig:
MOBO----------ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO

GPU------------4890 Black edition (Replace this with a GTX 560ti)

Memory--------4gb ram (further not specified, however he said that he had 2x4gb of 1800 Vengeance laying around that he could NOT get to. BUT willing to send with for free)

CPU-------------Phenom II X4 955 BE 3.2 ghz (Thinking bought buying a Corsair H60,H70,H100 and overclocking, making it compeatable with todays CPUs. If it were possible) Don't know anything bout how CPU Ghz are comparable through generations..

PSU-------------chieftec super series 650

HDD------------WD Caviar 1TB

OS-------------- W7 64bit

So like mentioned he gave me a price of 350 USD + me replacing the 4890 with a 300 USD GTX 560ti + me buying a Corsair Hx0 for around 140 USD
= 790 USD for all

P.S I might be able to lower the price..think he really wants it off his hands..Ill have a talk to hime later this weekend.
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  1. He could not get the 8gb of 1800mhz Vengeance to work..didin't go into detail, but I think I could get them working..cause the board does support up to 1800mhz
  2. Second thoughts are making me believe this isn't a very reasonable offer..any thoughts at all?
  3. better add in the price of a quality PSU, chieftecs are not reliable. esp if your putting in a 560ti.
  4. How does the Phenom II X4 955 BE 3.2 ghz compare to todays CPUs?
  5. I think that's worth $350, actually maybe a little more. Remember, there's a WIn64 Ultimate license in there too.
    Yes, it is an AMD system, therefor slower than any recent Intel, but it is "fast enough," certainly for non-professional use.
    The GPU is on the same tier as the HD6770, so it should be reasonably competent. You needn't feel compelled to immediately replace it, so wait to see what Kepler does (either itself, or its effect on prices).
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