CPU vs Graphics Card

So I'm Building my computer and currently own an asus 560ti (which I will be transferring over to my new build)

My question is should I buy another 560 ti (for sli compatibilities) OR a i7-3930K ?

(if I don't get the i7-3930k I'll get the i7-3820)

~What I plan on doing with this computer is hardcore gaming and video editing, rendering, and recording (for youtube)~

Case: NZXT switch 810
Psu: 850w cooler master silent pro
heatsink: cooler master evo 212
motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Formula
RAM: 16gb corsair vengance
HDD: 2tb seagate barracuda
SSD: 60gb OCZ agility 3 (for drivers and windows)
opticaldrive: SAMSUNG 22X DVD Burner

(other suggestions on build would be appreciated)
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    this one is a trade off ... both ways will be an amazing system.
    for video rendering ivybridge and its quick sync is very fast but having 2 extra cores of crunching power makes up for that feature easily.

    as for the graphics the 560TI will be able to play most games on high settings for a while but the SLI will last much longer.

    for the fastest possible system and rendering pluse in games and dont mind playing the medium/high settings instead of ultra. i would go with the 3930.

    on the other hand if my main focus is playing games at the highest possible settings (enthusiast style) i would go for the 560TI as most games donot recognize hyper threading you might see a CPU cap on MMO/ 64+player battlefields.

    what i would do i go with a i7-3770k and grab a 560TI with will allow for good overclocking plus the good quick sync for rendering and give you fantastic graphics in games... but may be slightly over budget.
  2. I go for the 2nd graphics card & the i7-3770K too. You get more for your $ from the 2nd graphics card than the 2 extra cores in the i7-3930K.
  3. Agreed. There is no discernable difference in gaming between either of those processors;,3106-5.html
    With the PCIe bandwidth available on your board, the 2nd graphics card will make a major frame rate improvement in gaming. Keep in mind, though, that micro-stutter is always a possibility with some games with SLI. Although, I haven't had any that I notice with my 2 570s... which are almost the same as 2 560ti's.

    Your other video work won't be able to tell the difference between processors.
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