2x 4-pin ATX 12v in an 8-pin slot?

I recently upgraded my system to an i5 2500K and the motherboard I purchased has an 8-pin 12v ATX connector, while my power supply has 2 4-pin plugs. they do not look like they should form a bridge, and the pins on the other plug do not match the plug correctly (they are all the domed-shape ones). The plugs both fit side-by-side but I don't want to supply any power to the system in case I damage something.

Any ideas?
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  1. For some unknown reason, half of a 4+4 pin connector is all rounded off while half is alternate rounded off and square, it doesn't match up with an 8 pin connector which has 4 square 4 rounded, but it still fits in the slot and will work just fine. I dont know why they did that, it may be so you could use either side for the 4 pin connector without issue.
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