Worth upgrading my video card?

Was wondering if it's worth upgrading my radeon hd 5770 to amd radeon 6950 for say games like skyrim or battlefield 3. Will there be a big difference in terms of graphics? Right now it looks great on med to high settings but was wondering how good it will look on maxed out settings. Trying to justify spending 240 bucks :).
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html

    The chart listed above gives you an idea how much of an upgrade that would be in terms of levels of upgrade from a 5770 to a 6950. If you can afford it you could go for the 6970 and that would be a better upgrade.
  2. Yeah not sure if I can anything over 300 could be pushing it. The 6950 seems to be a decent upgrade though... I think from looking at the chart from the link.
  3. a6950 will Max at 200 Watts but typicall run less than that. You have at least a 500W PSU?
  4. If you can only go for the 6950 then you should look at some benchmarks to see if the card will max out the game you want.You will have a hard time with BF3 on the ultra settings and that goes for both the 6950 and 6970.


    As you can see from the link the two cards will barely play the game at 31 and 33 fps. You need to go 580 or two 6950's in crossfire to get good smooth gameplay on ultra settings. Skyrim is a little different and not as demanding as BF3 so you will be able to use the 6950 on max settings and get good fps.
    Do you have both games?
  5. A 6950 as an upgrade from the HD 5770 will be a big performance increase.
    Its a great card for its price too.
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