3770K vs 1055t?

Hi, im wondering the difference between a $140~ cpu and a 400~$ cpu. LOOL jks... i have a GTX 680 with my 1055t and i can practicaly run almost everything ultra (highest) at 60FPS 1080p. Christmas (early christmas xD) i may think of upgrading my mobo to a X77 or X79 and getting an ivy bridge processor. I can easily see a huge bottleneck in Battlefield 3 PC multiplayer (64 players) of getting 30~FPS in larger maps like wake island. I also do some extensive use of After Effects, Photoshop, etc. which i use CUDA to render all that stuff faster than my CPU can do.

If i upgrade to 3770K, am i missing anything?

Power Supply (i use 630W... maybe a 850W)
Motherboard (Some variation of X77 [asus]) LGA1155
CPU (3770k)

Would the CoolIT Eco A.L.C liquid cooling work on the new Cpu?

All the best,
Mogen Cheng

(wrote in letter format, dafaq?)
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  1. If u have the money for it, sounds really good :)
    But if ur only gaming, i'd suggest u get the i5-3570K, and save a significant amount of money:) there's not much difference between the i7 and i5 when it comes to gaming:)
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