Is it worth upgrading my GPU now

I have the gpu MSI 460 Hawk 1 GB and I have opportunity to sell my current gpu and get Gainward GTX 570 Phantom 1280MB

What do you think is it worth upgrading my GPU now ?

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    No not at all. Just overclock it! or add another one for sli!
  2. No. Like @amuffin said overclock him.
  3. ok thanks alot

    one questions please when the new generation of nVidia cards are expected to be released ?
  4. Not sure, but as said before overclock your gpu. Msi hawk 460 is awesome for oc.
  5. next gen nvidia card are probably coming after april 2012.

    no real release date has be set and its all speculation.
  6. thanks alot for all replies
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