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Sapphire hd 5670 1gb problem

i have just bought a sapphire hd 5670 1 gb ddr5,I am having movemet stuttering in games (like screen stops for quater of a second) and games sometimes freeze (computer hangs) my rig is q8300,2 gb ram and hd 500 gb.previously i had a gt 240,it worked fine but this card is causing problems.plz help!
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    Power supply? Drivers updated? More ram would also be a good idea.
  2. power supply is zebronics 450 watt +12 rail is 15 A
    driver is already updated, using catalyst 11.9
    but i dont think ram is needed bcoz my previous gpu worked fine,abot 1 yr then its fan wast working so bought the hd 5670
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