Terrible GTX 580 problems in friend's new build

First, specs:
Asus p8z68-v Gen3
i5 2500k
MSI GTX 580 Lightning 1.5 GB
8GB G.skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600
Seasonic X-Series 760W
Seagate 1TB

Now the many problems:
-Screen is completely covered with random white lines that disappear for a short moment if the mouse moves through them BUT when screen sharing on Skype, the other person sees a totally normal picture without the lines
-Device manager lists an “!” next to the 580 and says Windows has stopped it because the device reported a problem
-Device manager doesn’t list the monitor properly, but instead as something unknown under “Other Devices”
-Resolution is locked to a small number of tiny options, e.g. 800x600 and 1280x960 and refresh rate is locked to hardware default
-dxdiag reports refresh rate as 1 hz
-In the Control Panel, in Display>Screen Resolution>Advanced Settings, all info is blank but Properties under Adapter Type lists “VGASave” as the driver
-NVIDIA control panel refuses to open because there is not a compatible device

We tried:
-Reseating the card, redoing and checking connections
-Formatting the drive and reinstalling all drivers
-Graphics drivers from both nvidia.com and the included driver disc
-Hooking up to two different monitors, the problem appears on both of them

Unfortunately there is no other computer to try the card in, or any replacement HDMI cables or other types of cables to try.

We’re about ready to put in an RMA for the card, but if anyone has any last minute ideas to diagnose or fix this we would be extremely grateful!
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  1. The asus gen 3 boards have many problems with their pcie slots :/
  2. Have you updated the motherboard drivers and bios to the latest versions?
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