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Hi all,

Im currently running a Phenom x4 965. I really need to upgrade my mobo to get some additional features I had to forgo when i originally built my computer for fiscal reasons. I'm perfectly happy with the 965 atm, i dont ever seem to max it out and fps in the games i play is fine, but with needing a mobo upgrade I am hesitant to buy a really nice am3+ with the current crop of processors amd has being such subpar performers. That being said does anyone have some fresh info on Piledriver? I would be happy to wait for PD to upgrade CPU if i could expect decent performance vs. intel, or would i be better served just upgrading to intel which would definitely be more expensive but with more long viability? Also I will be using my current mobo to make a build for a friend and need help picking a the best cheap CPU for am3 socket. I will be using discrete graphics but are the current llano chips better than the phenoms? To any who persisted through my wall of text i thank you and look forward to your responses!

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    Don't expect too much from Piledriver, Steamroller may add some noticeable values.
    If you upgrade to Intel now, you'll see a 50% or more improvement over your current Phenom II.
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