Need with installing AMD 7970 with Corsair AX1200

I'm confused with installing 7970. There are 2 power connections on the card - one is 6-pin and one is 8-pin. I've got a two 6-pin connectors from Corsair AX1200 named "PCI-E", obviously one of them I can use on the videocard, but also I've two 8-pin connectors saying "CPU" on them. One of the "CPU" ones I used for Intel CPU, now I am confused if I should also use the same 8-pin connector to AMD 7970 GPU...
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  1. No the 8Pin CPU power connector is designed for CPU power only

    There is usually a 8pin PCIe power connecter or even a 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors on the new PSU's if your has neither perhaps look into the 6pin to 8pin PCIE power adapters
  2. Oh, I got it... All of the PCI-E are 6-2-pin connectors... Duhhh XD
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