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Best fan placement

I bought an Antec 1100
and 4 120mm corsair fan pack.
My specs:
i5 2500k Sandybridge
Hyper 212plus
z77 extreme 4
750 watt

Based on what I have, what would be the best placement of these 4 fans?

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  1. two at the front pulling cold air in then top and back exhausting hot air is a good setup.
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    Cooling Options available in the Antec 1100:
    1 x rear 120 mm exhaust fan (Included)
    1 x top 200 mm blue LED exhaust fan with LED switch (Included)
    2 x front 120 mm intake fans (optional)
    2 x internal 120 mm intake fans (optional)
    2 x side panel 120 mm intake fans (optional)
    1 x behind motherboard 120 mm intake fan (optional)

    Add two 120mm in the front.
    Front intake, rear & top exhaust is good enough.
    So, you could use one 120mm on your 212+ for a push~pull config & the other 120mm on the Hard drive cage.
  3. Well I'm going to add two on front, 1 on the 212 plus and one on the back to cool the back of the CPU. Thanks :DDD
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